Technologically Speaking Inc. (TSI) is an authorized partner of the Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB), and this partnership allows TSI to provide training and services based on the ISO/IEC standards. PECB is a certification body for persons, management systems, and products on a wide range of international standards ( They are a global provider of training, examination, audit, and certification services, with expertise on multiple fields, including but not limited to Information Security, Business Continuity, Resilience and Recovery, Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance, Quality Management, IT Governance & Service Management, Health, Safety, and Sustainability. With PECB training courses, opportunities are only limited by your imagination. Regardless of your field of expertise, TSI, through PECB, offers training courses that speak to your needs and reflect the latest standards, technologies, approaches, most innovative methods, and practical examples. Contact us for more information and we will work with you to show your commitment and competence with internationally recognized standards.

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